Flip Tricks: Forward Flip a.k.a. Dolphin Flip a.k.a. Murder Flip a.k.a. Thunder Flip

1. Okay this is a pretty simple stance, its pretty much doesn't really matter were your back foot is on the board, just keep in in a simple ollie position to enable the pop later on. The Front foot is a little trickier to get used to; your front toes are going to want to be close to the middle of your board (3/5,) of the way up the board. The position your foot is going to be in is a cross between a kick-flip and an ollie, so that your ball of your foot is centered on your board. your foot is going to be on about a 30 degree angle (left,) from a normal ollie similar to a kick-flip but not on as much of an angle.

2. Put a large amount into your pop so that you can flip your board fully. It is pretty much a normal flip trick pop similar to attempting a very high ollie.

3. This part can take a lot of time and cause a lot of frustration. The flip for the forward flip is more of a flick as it feels an awful lot like an ollie north and a kick-flip. as soon as you pop down hard on your board and hear the "SMACK," you are going to want to force your front foot up and out to the nose of your board ether the left side if you are regular in stance or right side if you are goofy. And flick out like an ollie north but to the point mention (close to were you kick a kick-flip but a bit higher up your board.) this will cause your board to flick forward and look very similar to a kick-flip which flies forwards. One major problem with the flick is if you don't kick high / forward enough to make the kick-flip; flip forwards, instead if you kick it straight out it will just flip lie a very awkward kick-flip.

4. The hardest part of the trick is trying to catch a board which is flipping very high. As soon as you have popped your board your back foot is going to get the hell out of there; far clear of the flip, and preferably try to keep it over the board. Your front foot is going to flick out and up very much like a karate kick, as soon as the board is spinning you are going to try to keep you feet over your board and prepare for the catch. As soon as you can see your griptape you are going to stomp down on your board and roll away with a smile on your face cause you just landed one hell of a trick.

How To Do Forward Flips


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