Grind Tricks: Nosegrind

Step 1:
Skate at a fast speed toward the curb or block. Set your feet with the back foot on the tail and front foot right behind the front wheels (ollie position). The foot positions are key in creating the balance you will need for the nosegrind. Pop an ollie and land only on your front truck, making sure you have enough speed to carry you through the grind.
Step 2:
Use your back foot and arms to balance you while your weight is shifted to the front, holding the nosegrind. Let the momentum carry you as long as it allows. Remember, the faster you enter the nosegrind, the farther you can grind.
Step 3:
Keep your balance as you slow down, then pop a nollie (nose ollie) off the curb. You can also simply grind off the end, which is best if you are a beginner. Remember to keep your front foot lifted to keep the skateboard level as you land.
Step 4:
Land in a crouched position to absorb the impact. You will land on all four wheels, ready to skate to your next trick.

How To Do Nosegrinds


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