Basic Tricks: Frontside/Backside 180 Ollie

Step 1: Push forward

The easiest way to perform this trick is by using a rolling start. Begin by pushing the board forward at a comfortable speed – but the faster you go, the higher the board will lift off of the ground.

Step 2: Position front foot

As you roll, place your front foot about halfway up the board, at a slight forward angle. Your toes should be near the outside edge of the skateboard.

Step 3: Position back foot

Put the ball of your back foot on the center of the tail.

Step 4: Lift back heel

With both of your feet on the skateboard, lift the heel of your back foot so your weight is on the ball of your foot and your toes.

Step 5: Squat

In preparation to spring upward, squat down in a crouched position.

Step 6: Twist your torso

As you bend your knees, twist the top half of your body by turning your torso around toward the tail of the board in the opposite direction you are heading.

Step 7: Straighten legs and unwind

Straighten out your legs to start your jump, and quickly unwind your body by spinning your torso back toward the front of your board. Try not to lower your head.

Step 8: Stomp back foot

Stomp your back foot down so you smack the tail of your board to the ground, lifting the front of the board into the air.

Step 9: Jump

Jump off of your back foot into the air, and slide your front foot up toward the nose of the board.

Step 10: Tuck

While jumping up, tuck your knees into your chest, which will pull the back of the skateboard with you into the air. Be sure to pick up your back foot as well, because that levels out the board horizontally.

Step 11: Complete turn

At this point you should be halfway around. To complete the 180-degree turn in the air, pull the board with your back foot, using your toes to swing it the rest of the way around.

Step 12: Land

When you’ve turned all the way around and the board is heading back down to the ground, extend your legs and land. Bend your knees as you touch down, making sure both feet are squarely on the board.

How To Do Frontside and Backside 180 Ollies With Tony Hawk


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