Basic Tricks: Pop Shove-It (Shuvit)

1. Have your back foot in the ollie positon (toes on the end of the tail). Have your front foot in the center of the board

2. Pop the board down by kicking your back foot down, so the tail connects with the ground. In the same movement you should be scooping your back foot in the direction in which you wish the board to spin. This should make the board rise of the ground and begin to spin.

3. Most of the work for this trick should be done with the back foot. The front foot doesn't really do much.

4. As the board is spinning in the air, jump forward to catch the board. Try land this with your feet on the truck bolts for the best landing. Bend your knees as you land to absorb the impact of the trick.

5. Roll away. Be proud of yourself for landing a fairly decent trick.

How To Do "Pop Shove-It"s


Raven Mendoza said...

Awesome. Shuvits are quite challenging if you have to pop.