Flip Tricks: 360 Flip (a.k.a. Tre Flip)

1. Have your front foot in the position for a kickflip (just behind the front truck bolts at a slight angle.) Have your backfoot in the positon you would have it for a 360 shuvit (Usually on the toeside corner of the tail - to allow you to spin the board faster.)

2. Begin to spin the 360 shuvit, as the same as the varial flip - wait till the board is about 90 degrees of the way round a shuvit before you begin to kickflip.

3. This should mean that the board is beginning to spin a 360 shuvit and a kickflip, jump high for this trick - to allow it more spinning time.

4. Jumping in the direction the board is spinning usually helps when learning this trick. Wait until the board has spun the full 360 shuvit and kickflip, then catch the board griptape side up.

5. Roll away and feel extremely proud.

How To Do 360 Flip With Danny Wainwright