Flip Tricks: Laser Flip

1. Put your feet into the varial heelflip position but closer together and slightly more angled. This is one hell of a spin for heelflips so be ready to really kick that baby. Being able to land decent varial heelflips is a MUST. (This trick is basicly a 360 flip but heelflip)

2. Pop your board like a varial heelflip but right away start your spinning and kick HARD with your back foot so it can spin the full 360.

3. This trick is hard to control and usually gets away or behind you. But just remember what you learned for varial heelflips and try and apply that to this. Doing this off a ledge might be a good idea since its kinda hard to get the full 360 spin heelflip.

4. Land on your board (Hopefully) and ride away. Thinking you arz da supa bomb digity.

How To Do Laser Flips


skateboard tricks said...

Nice trick. I tried it last week, but I wasn't really able to land it! Maybe next time. Thanks for the tips =)