Flip Tricks: Frontside Flip

1. First off you need to learn 180's and kickflips.

2. This trick comes naturally for some people and others it doesn't. Anyways first off get over the fear of having the board credit card you, that only happens if you wuss out while your doing the fs flip and don't jump high enough.

3. Ok, now go up like your gonna do a frontside 180 but have your front foot set farther back than you would for a kickflip and your back foot applying pressure to the heel edge on the tail.

4. Pop the board and kick out with your front foot, like you would do for a kickflip but as your doing that kick your back foot out to turn the board.

5. Now just jump as high as you can and try to stay over the board.

6. Catch it and your set.

7. Most people mess up on the jumping high part, thats all you gotta do and you will do it, well for most people.

8. Also you can try and learn frontside flips easier by just going up on a small bank and kickflipping the turning 90 degrees instead of a full 180.

How To Do Frontside Flip With Andrew Reynolds