Flip Tricks: Backside Flip

1. Place your back foot in the postition you would have it to do a 180 ollie, sometimes placing your foot on the corner of the tail will help you to spin both the 180 ollie and the kickflip. Place your front foot in the position for a kickflip - sometimes placing your foot further up the board than usual will help you get your front foot out of the way when doing this trick.

2. Begin the 180 ollie, like a varial flip when you are 90 degrees of the way round, kick off for the kickflip with your front foot, give it a good kick so you can spin both the 180 ollie and the kickflip.

3. Keep your eyes on the board all the time and keep the board centered between your legs to make landing easier.

4. Make sure you really force your upper body round so that you can spin the full 180 degrees.

5. Wait until the grip tape side comes back round, when this happens catch the board with your feet, bend your knees to absorb the impact of this trick and roll away in fakie

How To Do Backside Flips With Stevie Lopez