Flip Tricks: Varial Heelflip

1. Get your feet into your normal heel flip position first. Ok, now move your front foot atleast 2+ inches toward your back foot and then pivot your back foot with your heel coming inward towards your other foot. People do this tricks differently so find what works best for you. Knowing B/S shovits help.

2. Pop an ollie and start the B/S shovit but add the kick of your heel to it. Push your back foot down and away to make the board turn. This motion is something unusual for first timers and should kind of look like 1 movement even though it isn't. Your back foot is what spins the board the 180, your front foot adds the heelflip into it.

3. Flip the board 180 with a heelfip and try to catch it in the air if possible. Most people find that the board will land behind them. This problem can be solved either jumping higher kinda and into your board or by kicking alittle more to your front with your front foot.

4. Land on your board (both feet on the hardware) and ride away. If you can't get the board to pop high enough to spin the whole 180 try this trick off a small lendge or into grass. Skate on dude.

How To Do Varial Heelflips