Flip Tricks: Varial Flip

1. Have your backfoot on the corner of the toe side corner of the tail, so that it is easier to spin the shuvit required for this trick. Your front foot should be in the kickflip position.
2. Kick your back foot down and scoop the board in the direction you want it to spin (clockwise). The board should now be doing part of a shuvit.
3. When the shuvit has rotated round about 90 degrees, i feel that this is the best time to flip the board. Kick your front foot forward up and off the corner of the nose like a kickflip.
4. The board should now be spinning both a kickflip and a shuvit. It's probably best to jump forward when performing this trick making the board easier to catch.
5. When the board has finished the shuvit and the grip tape side has spun back round, catch the board wth your feet, bend your knees to absorb the impact of the board.
6. Roll away knowing that you have landed an excellent flip trick.

How To Do Varial Flips With Eric Koston @ Tony Hawk