Grind Tricks: Smith Grind

Step 1:
Ride toward your obstacle with a little more speed than you would need for a 50/50 grind.
Step 2:
Ollie up toward the obstacle as you would for a 50/50, but as you come down toward the obstacle, push your front truck down and to the side of the edge of the obstacle so that the nose is below the edge when you start to grind.
Step 3:
Land with most of your weight on the back truck, and lean back slightly. Most of the grinding pressure will be on your truck, but the edge and underside of your board must be sliding on the object as well, otherwise you are NOT doing a Smith grind. Basically, this is halfway between a 50/50 grind and a lipslide.
Step 4:
Keep your weight back as you grind. The more you lean back, the longer you will grind - just don't lean too far back. The key is to get "locked in to" the grind on this trick, and you will feel it when you do it right.
Step 5:
Put all your weight on the back of the board, and begin to stand up when you want to come off. Once the nose of the board is once again level with the rest of the board, simply ride out of the grind as you would for a 50/50.

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