Slide Tricks: Boardslide

Step 1:
Roll toward whatever object you want to slide on at a slight angle (close to parallel).
Step 2:
Determine whether an ollie is required. If the object is low, take the weight off your front wheels as you lift them and turn the board over the object. You must turn 90 degrees fairly quickly to avoid sliding or losing your momentum. Your chest should be facing the front when you land. If the object is high, hit your tail and ollie onto it. After you pop the tail and are starting to go up, turn your body 90 degrees frontside and aim over the object so you land on it with the middle of the board.
Step 3:
Bend your knees as you land to ease the transition into sliding. Your momentum should begin the slide for you.
Step 4:
Stay with your slide as long as you can or as long as the object permits.
Step 5:
Begin to turn back toward the direction you were rolling as you near the end of the object, and simply drop off. If there is no end, pop off the object, pushing your rear wheels against the side of the object as you turn your body.

How To Do Boardslides


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