Slide Tricks: Lipslide

Step 1:
Approach the ledge or rail like you are about to do a backside/frontside 50-50.
Step 2:
A Start winding up your shoulders like you do when you do a bakside/frontside 180 and as you clear the top of the ledge or rail use the wind-up to turn about 90 degrees into the backside/frontside lipslide position.
Step 3:
Now slide! The faster you go the further you'll slide but if you are on a rail or a box you need to keep most of your weight on your backfoot to get a good slide.
Step 4:
To come out, if on a rail, you just need to turn out like any other boarslide. On a ledge or box, however, you must put pressure on your tail to "pop" off the ledge, especially if it is a ledge with no end.

How To Do Frontside Lipslides

How To Do Backside Lipslides


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