Slide Tricks: Tailslide

Step 1:
Be comfortable with frontside/backside 180 ollies before trying this trick.
Step 2:
Set your feet up for an ollie.
Step 3:
Ride parallel to the object you want to slide.
Step 4:
Ollie before you reach it, and turn your body like you would for a frontside/backside 180.
Step 5:
Point your tail toward the object so you are looking at it when your tail lands on the object.
Step 6:
Stay over the tail of the board, not the middle of the board. You need this weight and pressure to make the slide go.
Step 7:
Stand on the tail as it lands and starts to slide, and lean back slightly to make the slide easier and longer.
Step 8:
Put pressure on the ball of your rear foot, and push that foot behind you once you have slid and are ready to come off. Keep the nose of the board raised until the tail comes off the object so you drop evenly.

How To Do Frontside Tailslides

How To Do Backside Tailslides


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