Flip Tricks: Backside Heelflip

1. Back Foot - Have it as you would for a bs 180 or hang your toes off the edge of the tail. Front Foot - Just as a heelflip, or a little higher than a heelflip.

2. Give the board about one or two pushes when starting out, make sure you have a good amount of speed.

3. Begin to bend down and stay balanced/centered, now when you'r comfortable begin to pop just like a bs 180 and once you are about 90 degrees begin to flick straight out with your heel. Remember straight out.

4. Since you flicked at the right time and straight out the board will start to turn 180 degrees, now just keep your body turning with the board.

5. Try to land it on the bolts and ride away happy.

How To Do Backside Heelflips With Eric Koston & Tony Hawk