Flip Tricks: Frontside Heelflip

To perform this trick, it may be easier if you first master frontside 180's and heelflips.

1. Set up with your back foot like you would normally have it for a frontside 180. Put your front foot over the toe edge with only your heel on the board.

2. Hit the tail as you would for a frontside 180 but at the same time flick your heel over the toe edge so it spins the 180 and flips at the same time.

3. Continue your body movement in this direction until you have rotated a complete frontside 180 with your body. By this time, the board should have flipped all the way around and spun the 180.

4. Once the board has flipped, catch it with your feet. Keep the board attached to your feet and land in the fakie stance.

5. Ride away clean.

How To Do Frontside Heelflips with Eric Koston & Tony Hawk