Grind Tricks: 5-0 Grind

You need to be able to do a 50-50 before you try this trick.

Ok this trick isn't all that hard. You should know how to 50-50 and Ollie onto your target. Ride up to your target and Ollie up and in the air do the same thing you would to Ollie to manual. Don't over Ollie because your landing will be hard and you will bail. When you land the grinding part isn't that hard. Then when it comes to getting off you just manual of the side or you go to a 50-50 and Ollie off.

The landing on your target is probably the hardest part. To help this stand by your target and Ollie onto it and do a stall. You can only do this with ledge type grinds.

How To Do 5-0 Grinds With Danny Wainwright


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