Slide Tricks: Noseslide

Step 1:
Learn boardslides first because these tricks are very similar.
Step 2:
Roll toward the object with good speed. Your back should be toward the object, and you should be close to parallel with the object.
Step 3:
Ollie so that when you level out, your board will be at approximately the same height as the object you want to slide on.
Step 4:
Aim the nose of your board over the object, and as you come down over it, put your weight down on the nose.
Step 5:
Most of your weight should be on your front foot, and you want to lean back a little to help you slide more easily.
Step 6:
Give a little push down onto the nose of the board as you transfer some of your weight onto the tail. This allows you to get back over the center of your board.
Step 7:
Turn your hips back toward the direction you want to go, and drop off the object.

How To Do Backside Noseslides

How To Do Frontside Noseslides

A Funny Way To Learn Noseslides :D


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